• 100 years ago, there were 15 school districts in the RM. Today, only one remains - the Fillmore School District.
  • In 1911, the cost to build two miles of road was $225. Today, re-building that same two miles costs in excess of $225,000.

Our council

Reeve - Russell Leguee

Division I Councillor - Leslie Katona

Division II Councillor - David Kosior

Division III Councillor - Dennis Popowich

Division IV Councillor - Cam Hart

Division V Councillor - Darren Urban

Division VI Councillor - Les Lynch

  • The RM of Fillmore encompasses 3 villages: Osage, Fillmore and Creelman, each of which is managed by a village council of its own.

Interested in joining the council? Let us know and we can give you more information.